Madrid Harbor Series Bamboo Longboards

The Harbor Series is a colorful collection with multiple shapes and colors.

Harbor Series

The Shamini is a 25″ bamboo Longboard

The Madrid Harbor Series Shamini 25″ is a top mount cruiser Bamboo Longboard creating a strong platform with light flex and sanded wheel wells  A fun retro cruiser street board. The Samini cruiser longboard has a functional kick tail and makes this cruiser ideal for Ollies and flip tricks. It has a street concave and a bamboo construction.

The Marty is 29″  Bamboo Longboard

The Madrid Harbor Series Marty 29.25″ Bamboo Longboard has a retro concave and a bamboo construction. Made in the USA.

  • L: 29.25″ W: 9.5″ WB: 15″

Components for the complete:

  • Caliber 9″ Trucks
  • Cadillac Clout Cruisers 57mm/80A
  • Cadillac High-Performance Bearings
  • Ultra-Clear Griptape

The DTF 39 is a Bamboo Longboard 

The Madrid Harbor Series DTF 39″ Bamboo Longboard features a bamboo construction and comes in a drop through or topmount setup. With the drop through you will get a low-rider platform which gives stability. This longboard is made in the USA.

The Blunts is a 36″ Bamboo Longboard

The Madrid Harbor Series Blunt Pintail Bamboo Longboard is a perfect carve and cruise board. This longboard has a mellow Camber Concave which adds flex and a secure feel to your ride. It also features hand sanded wheel wells.
This bamboo longboard comes with Caliber 180mm Trucks, Cadillac Cruiser 70mm 80a Wheels.

Madrid Midget Longboards

Madrid has a midget series you cannot miss out on: The Madrid Midget Longboards! Nice and small. Easy to take in your backpack and cruise on campus. Sizes ranges from 23″ – 30″

All pressed and made in the USA. Bright colors, different choices of sizes and shapes. Great looking graphics. Pick up a boys longboards or a girls longboard for your friend and buddy up to cruise along the beach, campus, street or park.


Madrid Midget Longboards
Party 23.25″


  • The Party boards pack a lot of fun into a small 23.25” package
  • Completed with our 59mm Cadillac White Walls
  • Small enough to throw in your locker or backpack
  • Big enough to skate smoothly over cracks and pebbles
  • Pressed in the Huntington Beach factory
  • These wooden decks won’t sag like those plastic toys
  • The Party boards also come gripped with Flypaper griptape
  • Different colors available
  • L: 23.25” W: 7” WB: 13.25”






Madrid Midget Longboards
Optic 23
  • Rad little deck
  • Small skateboard that could handle anything we threw at it,
  • Had an in-depth testing
  • The Picket has a simple kicktail with a street concave proven since the ‘70s
  • L: 23” W: 7.075” WB: 12”








Madrid Midget Longboards
Swan 30″


  • Built to be loved
  • Street concave
  • Fully functional kicktail and nose that allows the rider the ability to pop up curbs and do tricks
  • The smaller size is not just for smaller riders; tall riders can shred this board, no problem
  • L: 29” W: 8.125” WB: 14.5”







Madrid Midget Longboards
Banner 30″


  • The biggest of our Midget models
  • Wide enough, long enough and with a 15” wheelbase
  • Can double as your street deck or pool board
  • Rocking the same concave as our street/pool boards
  • Isn’t too small for any tricks
  • Has a fresh new Banner graphic
  • L: 30” W: 8.5” WB: 15”







If you are looking for more cruiser and Madrid midget longboards check out Longboards USA

Madrid Downhill longboards

Madrid Downhill longboards are one of the best longboards for advanced longboarders. They are high-quality boards with or without Formica. Formica adds extra strength to the board and increases performance. These downhill longboards range from 37-39 inches long and designed by the Madrid racers.

These kick-ass longboards are keepers. With a deep concave to lock your foot and a stiff board, you can bomb the hills with ease.You can choose from a drop through, symmetrical top mount or one way. All boards are available in deck only or complete.

Some of the boards have wheelbase option ranging from 26-28 inches. You can put on your wheels where ever is best for you and can customize your board with more tail or nose.

These Madrid downhill longboards excel at flowing corners rail to rail, drifting with precision, and giving you all the leverage you need to grip back up and catch your friends.

Madrid downhill longboards
Trapstar 37.5″


  • Directional top-mount speedboard designed for maximum control at high speeds.
  • 37.5”x 10” with wheelbase options ranging from 27.5” to 29”
  • This deck can handle anything from big mountain passes to tight windy sidewalk paths.
  • The front foot Money Pocket keeps you locked in and drives the steering from the front of the board by wedging the front truck.
  • Wide W-concave in the rear, the Trapstar keeps it real in the streets.
  • Designed by Justin Rouleau
Madrid downhill longboards
Glutton 42.75


  • Feast of features.
  • With a 1/2“ dropped platform
  • W-concave, drop-thru mounting
  • CNC-cut wheel wells and grab channels
  • Glutton is built for serious speed
  • A 32.5” wheelbase and a 10” wide platform make this board optimal.
  • 8 plies of maple sandwiched between two layers of Formica to add torsional strength and reduce road vibrations.
  • It is also available in 9-ply maple
  • Designed Bernt Jahnel.
Madrid downhill longboards
50 cal 36.25


  • Can handle giant mountain passes, to cruising to the grocery store
  • Comfortable concave and plenty of foot space.
  • Madrid’s T-3 concave lets you know where you are with a
  • slight ‘W’ that stays consistent throughout the length of the board.
  • Maple and Formica are used in construction to dampen vibrations and keep the board strong and stiff
  • Designed by Calvin Staub
Madrid downhill longboards
Circuit breaker 36.75″


  • Keeps your feet locked in while tucking or throwing out
  • Can control the flow of energy with ease.
  • Gives you ultimate control with an arc-drop concave that creates pockets on both ends of the standing platform
  • Cutouts leave plenty of room for large wheels
  • Optional Formica layup adds torsional strength while reducing road vibrations.
Madrid downhill longboards
Kraken 37.125″


  • Built for the curvy canyon runs of California
  • Excels at flowing corners rail to rail, drifting with precision, and giving you all the leverage you need to grip back up and catch your friends. The
  • 37.125” long, 10.25” wide, and has a 3/4” rocker with a W-concave that creates a rocker/’W’ pocket for each foot.
  • Comes with a solid amount of wheelbase options from 26” to 28.125”
  • Options in construction; pick up the all maple board for a traditional feel or Formica pressed board for increased performance.
  • Designed by Peter Eubank
Madrid downhill longboards
Deviant 38.375″


  • Features a 1/2” directional drop design with a bowled-in front end for turning leverage and a radial back for control while sliding.
  • The concave runs all the way through to the drops, with a ‘W’ that fades out toward the front for more comfortable riding on rough pavement.
  • 25.5” standing platform, 1/4” of rocker, which makes it easier to tuck and helps keep your feet planted on the board when sliding.
  • The matte black Formica looks tough and the graphic gives you a lot more room for cool stickers. –
  • Designed by Max Dubler

If you want to check other Madrid downhill longboards and other kinds of Madrid longboards go to longboards USA

Madrid Premium Freeride longboards 2016

Madrid Premium Freeride longboards are very high quality and well made longboards made by Madrid in Huntington Beach CA.

Check them out:

Madrid Premium Freeride longboards Nessie
Madrid Premium Freeride longboards Bigfoot
Madrid Premium Freeride longboards Yeti
Madrid Premium Freeride longboards Wendigo
Madrid Premium Freeride longboards Goat Sucker
Goat Sucker
  • Ultimate control
  • 36 – 38 inches long
  • Do – it – all boards
  • High-quality longboards
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect for high speed
  • CNC cut out wheel wells
  • Different shapes to choose from
  • New Designs for 2016
  • Maple and Formica layers to make it extra strong
  • Epic graphics
  • Good concave to lock in your feet
  • Multi set up possible
  • Available in deck only and completes
  • High-quality bearings, bushings, and trucks


Here are some video’s of the Madrid Premium Freeride boards to get a better idea how they look like.
These are all the 2016 models.

Madrid Carving Longboards

Madrid carving longboards exist for a long time. Every year, they make new carving boards and add new features to it to make the board even better than it was. ‘Carving’ means The act of turning back and forth down a hill as a form of speed control or fun. Typically, carves are large and form large, smooth “s” shapes which usually span the width of the hill and . Carving is a way to get down the hill for fun, but can also be used by a rider to help control the speed. It is important to know how to carve because it is a very effective way to ride a moderate hill in the event that no safety gear is present. All carving longboards are designed and made in Huntington Beach, CA.

Madrid carving longboards come in different shapes, sizes and style. If you want a small one, consider a Lamp or Roses. If you are looking for an easy going symmetrical board so you do not have to turn the board around when you change directions, go for a Boardgame. It is all about your preferences.

Below are a few of the newest Madrid Carving longboards for 2016

Madrid Boardgame Dream 39″ Longboard



Step up your Game on this Boardgame longboard!

You will glide effortless downhill on this symmetrical board. This 39″ Boardgame Dream carving longboard is an excellent board and is ready to convert you!

The Dream Board game comes gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape, Paris 180mm trucks (maxed) or randal trucks (standard) and Cadillac Cruisers wheels
The maxed setup comes with 2 color wheels, the standard setup comes with 1 color wheel.

This board is available in Topmount and drop through.
Proudly made in the USA.

Madrid Pintail Pie Chart 36″ Longboard




Have Fun with Pie Charts – Never get bored riding one!

Are you looking for a more classic version longboard? You cannot go wrong with a pintail.

The Madrid Piechart Pintail longboard is a classic longboard and is inspired by the simple past time but refined to meet standards these days. This pintail longboard has a healthy amount of concave so you will be in control of your board when you carve and cross step.

This pintail has sanded wheel wells to keep your wheels wheel bite free no matter how deep you do your cutbacks.

Piechart pintails completes come gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape and comes complete with Randal 180mm trucks and Cadillac Cruisers or Cadillac Classic Twos 70mm 80a wheels.

Madrid Up In Smoke Gun 37″ Fishtail Longboard




Riding on a volcano or going up in smoke?

Perfect for today’s commuter and push enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter if you live near the ocean or not, and cannot go on a big wave, you can ride this board anywhere you want!

This Fishtail from Madrid called the “Up in Smoke” longboard is inspired by the classic swallow tail surfboard and has a firm flex and a touch of concave. Ideal from cruising through the mall and on sidewalk as well as some hill sliding.

The Up in Smoke Madrid long board comes gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape, with Randal 180mm trucks, and Cadillac Cruisers or Cadillac Classic Twos wheels.

Madrid Roses Lil Dude Flex 32 inches Longboard



Smell the Roses while riding on this little Dude longboard.

The Roses Lil Dude Flex longboard is a nice and small board. It is light on the push and quick on the slide. This cruiser does it all. It is a smaller version of the Madrid Dude.

This Flex Cruiser complete comes in 3 favorites. The maxed set up with a fiberglass top and a functional kicktail longboard. You can also choose the maxed set up without fiberglass. Or go for a more affordable standard set up without fiberglass.

Roses Lil Dude Flex completes come gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape and with Paris Street 180mm trucks and Cadillac ‘Khanas or White Walls wheels 70mm wheels

Take it anywhere you want and dice through the crowds.
This Madrid Lil Dude long board is proudly made in the USA.

Madrid Glow In the Dark Lamp Bamboo 31″ Longboard



Keep riding into the night, the Lamp graphic glows in the dark on this longboard!

This Doorstop 31.5″ bamboo Lamp carving longboard is a very special one. Build on feedback from the pro’s and other skaters.
A wedged front truck creates a pocket in the standing platform for comfortable carving while redirecting the steering force to the back truck for fun pumping action.

It has a small kicktail and is only 31.5 inch long, however an awesome madrid cruiser to take to class, swerve through the crowd or campus. The glowing effect of the graphic will add to the mystique when you ride and glide by.

Doorstop Lamp comes gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape and comes with Randal 180mm trucks, Cadillac Bearings and Cadillac Cruisers 70mm. This Madrid Cruiser will be a crowd pleaser and the fun never stops even when it gets darker you will continue to have fun.


Madrid has many more carving boards. For all Madrid carving longboards check out longboards USA

Best Madrid Longboards of 2016 -Top 5

Longboarding is an awesome sport. It is much easier than skateboarding. Looking online, there are so many boards and brands to choose from. It is overwhelming! One brand you can never go wrong with is Madrid longboards. Also Madrid has many longboards to choose from. Every year, Madrid will have new graphic designs on new longboards. These longboards are usually designed by more members of the team. All products are well tested by professional riders. The longboards are also made in Huntington Beach California.

Below, you will find the top 5 Best Madrid longboards for 2016. All these designs are from 2016.  These boards are very popular and were sold the most this year.



1. Madrid Girl Bamboo Carving 38″ Longboard


Girl Madrid Longboards

This Girl says it all. Aka the 2016 Market Price Bamboo Longboard.

This long board has a big wide platform of 9.5″. It provides plenty of space for your feet to shift and cross step when you are carving and cruising on mellow hills.

You can have larger size wheels on this board because of the cutout and don’t have to worry about wheel bite. You can roll over anything in your path. The bamboo creates a very strong, and at the same time very flexible versatile board you want to take riding over and over again.

This Girl Bamboo Madrid longboard has flex and the bamboo adds strength making it a versatile board in the carving series. The Madrid Market Price Girl Bamboo longboard comes gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape, Randal 180mm trucks, Cadillac Cruisers and cadillac bearings.

This Madrid Girl carving longboard is proudly made in the USA.


2. Madrid Evergreen Ratchet 37″ Top Mount Longboard

madrid evergreen longboard

The Evergreen is the right board for the push enthusiast, so don’t fumble, get the Evergreen!

The Madrid Evergreen Ratchet longboard has a 2-inch dropped platform and is the lowrider and the right tool for cruising.

This long-range cruiser is easy to push, easy on your legs, no matter the distance. It is a breeze with this set up ready for world record distances. This Madrid top mount longboard has a super stiff 8 ply layup and has a long-lasting build.

The Evergreen longboard is one of the Madrid Transport Series and comes gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape and is complete with Paris 180mm trucks and Cadillac Cruisers 70mm 80a wheels for the maxed setup and Randal 180mm trucks and Cadillac Classic Twos 70mm 80a wheels for the standard setup.

This Madrid Evergreen Ratchet longboard is proudly made in the USA by Madrid Skateboards.

3. Madrid Vines Dream Drop Through 39″ Bamboo Longboard

Madrid vines drop through longboard

A dream or not? That is the question. This Vines Dream Drop Through Bamboo Longboard has a rockered W-concave.

With this symmetrical drop thru board you can easily float sideways or go down effortlessly down the hill. The board is laminated with bamboo to add strength and flex, the Dream Bamboo drop through is ready to test the extent of your consciousness. It is time to wake up and live the Dream.

This Madrid dream drop thru long board is proudly made in the USA.

4. Madrid Up In Smoke Gun 37″ Fishtail LongboardMadrid up in smoke longboard

Riding on a volcano or going up in smoke?

Another best Madrid Longboards board! Perfect for today’s commuter and push enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter if you live near the ocean or not, and cannot go on a big wave, you can ride this board anywhere you want!

This Fishtail from Madrid called the “Up in Smoke” longboard is inspired by the classic swallow tail surfboard and has a firm flex and a touch of concave. Ideal from cruising through the mall and on the sidewalk, as well as some hill sliding.

The Up in Smoke Madrid long board comes gripped with diecut Flypaper Griptape, with Randal 180mm trucks, and Cadillac Cruisers or Cadillac Classic Twos wheels.

This Madrid fishtail longboard is proudly made in the USA.

5. Palm Weezer 36 inches Madrid Top Mount Longboard 2016

Madrid Palm Longboards

The Madrid Palm Weezer is your super board for every occasion. No matter what this world has in store for you, on the Palm Weezer you should be able to deal with it.

The Palm Weezer can do it all: cruising, carving, and crushing. An all-symmetrical design makes it easy to steer in any direction you want. Top it off with a bit of concave, a touch of camber, and a fancy new Palm graphic, and you will feel in paradise.

This Madrid Palm Weezer longboard is proudly made in the USA by Madrid Skateboards.

They have many more graphics that has been selling really well too.
If you would like to see more best Madrid longboards so you have a wider range to choose from, check out longboards USA


Hello Longboarders!

Hello Longboarders!

Looking for more information about longboards? We have information about the Madrid longboard brand. This is very popular longboard and skateboard brand and it has been around for years. Professional racers love the boards as well as beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters.

Madrid started with skateboards in a garage and evolved into a big company that also makes many longboards nowadays.

All boards are made in the USA, CA and are well tested by the experienced riders. The designs are made also by the professional skaters working for Madrid. You can count on a high-quality, well-made longboards you can ride for years!

If you need more info about the Madrid longboards, just email us at