Madrid Harbor Series Bamboo Longboards

The Harbor Series is a colorful collection with multiple shapes and colors.

Harbor Series

The Shamini is a 25″ bamboo Longboard

The Madrid Harbor Series Shamini 25″ is a top mount cruiser Bamboo Longboard creating a strong platform with light flex and sanded wheel wells  A fun retro cruiser street board. The Samini cruiser longboard has a functional kick tail and makes this cruiser ideal for Ollies and flip tricks. It has a street concave and a bamboo construction.

The Marty is 29″  Bamboo Longboard

The Madrid Harbor Series Marty 29.25″ Bamboo Longboard has a retro concave and a bamboo construction. Made in the USA.

  • L: 29.25″ W: 9.5″ WB: 15″

Components for the complete:

  • Caliber 9″ Trucks
  • Cadillac Clout Cruisers 57mm/80A
  • Cadillac High-Performance Bearings
  • Ultra-Clear Griptape

The DTF 39 is a Bamboo Longboard 

The Madrid Harbor Series DTF 39″ Bamboo Longboard features a bamboo construction and comes in a drop through or topmount setup. With the drop through you will get a low-rider platform which gives stability. This longboard is made in the USA.

The Blunts is a 36″ Bamboo Longboard

The Madrid Harbor Series Blunt Pintail Bamboo Longboard is a perfect carve and cruise board. This longboard has a mellow Camber Concave which adds flex and a secure feel to your ride. It also features hand sanded wheel wells.
This bamboo longboard comes with Caliber 180mm Trucks, Cadillac Cruiser 70mm 80a Wheels.