Madrid Midget Longboards

Madrid has a midget series you cannot miss out on: The Madrid Midget Longboards! Nice and small. Easy to take in your backpack and cruise on campus. Sizes ranges from 23″ – 30″

All pressed and made in the USA. Bright colors, different choices of sizes and shapes. Great looking graphics. Pick up a boys longboards or a girls longboard for your friend and buddy up to cruise along the beach, campus, street or park.


Madrid Midget Longboards
Party 23.25″


  • The Party boards pack a lot of fun into a small 23.25” package
  • Completed with our 59mm Cadillac White Walls
  • Small enough to throw in your locker or backpack
  • Big enough to skate smoothly over cracks and pebbles
  • Pressed in the Huntington Beach factory
  • These wooden decks won’t sag like those plastic toys
  • The Party boards also come gripped with Flypaper griptape
  • Different colors available
  • L: 23.25” W: 7” WB: 13.25”






Madrid Midget Longboards
Optic 23
  • Rad little deck
  • Small skateboard that could handle anything we threw at it,
  • Had an in-depth testing
  • The Picket has a simple kicktail with a street concave proven since the ‘70s
  • L: 23” W: 7.075” WB: 12”








Madrid Midget Longboards
Swan 30″


  • Built to be loved
  • Street concave
  • Fully functional kicktail and nose that allows the rider the ability to pop up curbs and do tricks
  • The smaller size is not just for smaller riders; tall riders can shred this board, no problem
  • L: 29” W: 8.125” WB: 14.5”







Madrid Midget Longboards
Banner 30″


  • The biggest of our Midget models
  • Wide enough, long enough and with a 15” wheelbase
  • Can double as your street deck or pool board
  • Rocking the same concave as our street/pool boards
  • Isn’t too small for any tricks
  • Has a fresh new Banner graphic
  • L: 30” W: 8.5” WB: 15”







If you are looking for more cruiser and Madrid midget longboards check out Longboards USA

Hello Longboarders!

Hello Longboarders!

Looking for more information about longboards? We have information about the Madrid longboard brand. This is very popular longboard and skateboard brand and it has been around for years. Professional racers love the boards as well as beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters.

Madrid started with skateboards in a garage and evolved into a big company that also makes many longboards nowadays.

All boards are made in the USA, CA and are well tested by the experienced riders. The designs are made also by the professional skaters working for Madrid. You can count on a high-quality, well-made longboards you can ride for years!

If you need more info about the Madrid longboards, just email us at